Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do we need to remove our wet footwear at the door?

A: We want your feet to stay dry.  If someone walks with their wet boots or shoes, they will make the floor wet in the areas they were walking or standing on.  Others would walk in those exact areas with their socks resulting in wet feet.  Please be kind to your fellow guests and remove your outdoor footwear at the door.

Q: Why are socks required?

A: We do not want glass, metal or unhygienic substances brought inside where children eat and play.  We want to maintain a high sanitary level to prevent and reduce chances of spreading communicable foot diseases.

We sell new socks at $3/pair for your convenience.  However, you do not have to purchase them from us. 

Q: Why is staff allowed to wear shoes inside CJ’s Climb and Play?

A: Staff is required to wear shoes inside of CJ’s Climb and Play because it is mandated by law to do so (Federal, Provincial and Municipal).  This is based on the requirement to prevent injuries at work.  The only exception is when the function of work requires staff not to wear shoes and/or socks.  Our staff wears indoor shoes and have a separate pair they use and keep strictly at CJ’s Climb and Play.

Q: Why are strollers not allowed?

A: For the same reason we do not allow outdoor shoes.

Q: Are you wheelchair accessible?

A: Absolutely!

Q:  Why are there video cameras installed in CJ’s Climb and Play?

A:  We have installed surveillance cameras throughout CJ’s both for you and your child’s safety as well as for our own protection.  We will never use the video for promotional purposes or without your permission. 

Q: Are you a nut free establishment?

A: We do not serve nut products at CJ’s Climb and Play or allow guests to bring them in; however, we cannot guarantee that all surfaces will be nut-free.

Q: Why are outside food and drinks not allowed?

A: We want to maintain a "nut free" environment for the safety of our guests.  It is mandatory to prevent external and potentially fatal allergens from being brought inside our facility.

Q: Why is food and drink not allowed in the play structure area?

A: Food and drink poses a danger for children that play in this area.  Often people leave discarded items on the ground and children can injure themselves if they step on these items.  As well, we put a great deal of effort in keeping our facility clean.  However, we need the help of our guests to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene by not taking food and drinks into these areas.

Q: What is your policy on bringing in outside food?

A: We do not allow outside food to be brought into the facility with the exception of birthday cakes.

Q: Do you have birthday parties?

A: Yes, we host fantastic birthdays at CJ’s Climb and Play. Check out our birthday parties link for details.

Q: Do you have a system in place to prevent children from leaving the facility unattended?

A: We have security wristbands in place that adults and children receive upon entering CJ’s Climb and Play. They are scanned again when you leave the premises and bar-coded adult bands must match bar-coded children’s bands that they entered with.

Q: Do you offer group rates and packages?

A: Yes, we offer a wide range of group packages for all situations. For group information, contact our team at

Q: What kind of food do you have at CJ’s Climb and Play?

A: We serve hot dogs, taquitos, nacho’s and cheese, smoothies, a variety of hot & cold drinks and much more! We also have lots of prepackaged snack type items. Family Pizza also serves us well for birthday parties and on weekends! CJ’s Climb and Play also offers a number of fun fair-type foods such as fresh baking, popcorn, and more. Take a look at our menu link for details.